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Milwaukee 2611-24 18-Volt Hammer Drill Kit

Buy Cheap Milwaukee 2611-24 18-Volt Hammer Drill Kit

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The Milwaukee M18 Hammerdrill/Driver delivers revolutionary power, run time and ergonomics. The 4-Pole Frameless Motor generates a best-in-class 650 in-lbs. of torque to meet the application rigors of the jobsite. Utilizing an 18V XC Li-Ion battery, the 2611-24 delivers up to 65% more holes per charge. At only 9 1/4in. long and 5.3 lbs, it is the most compact high performance hammer drill available, which minimizes user fatigue and maximizes productivity by fitting into tight spaces. Cordless: Yes, Volts: 18, Rated RPM: 0 - 450 / 0 - 1,800, Torque (in./lbs.): 650, Blows Per Minute (BPM): 0 - 28,000, Battery Included: Yes, Charger Included: Yes, Case Included: Yes

Technical Details

- Milwaukee cordless, high performance 18-volt hammer drill kit
- Features 4-Pole frameless motor to maximize tool efficiency to increase run-time; 1/2-Inch single-sleeve ratcheting metal chuck with carbide jaws and variable speed trigger
- The on-board battery fuel gauge displays remaining run-time and built-in LED light illuminates work surface
- The kit includes 2 XC 2.8-Ah Li-Ion batteries, a 1-hour charger, and an impact resistant case
- 9-1/4-Inch at 5.3-pounds; backed by 5-year limited power tool warranty
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Customer Buzz
 "Excellent drill but overload protection a real problem" 2009-11-15
By Phillip Marsh (Texas)
Overall the M18 is a great drill with an excellent clutch (that does not slip even with small twist drills the way the Hitachi does), good clutch mechanism, 2 speed gear box that is smooth to change, a bright dual LED light setup, and a sturdy case. It does not come with a bit holder or belt clip but you can special order the 4 parts needed and pay an extra $20 for what would have cost Milwaukee 50 cents to add to the kit - don't you love it when the bean counters are in charge.

The Milwaukee has a new design for the side handle that attaches the way the one for the Ridgid drill does at a 90 degree angle to the handle on either side. I prefer the old style which like those on the Makita and DeWalt drills can be anywhere in a 360 degree circle. With some tough drilling situations I like to have the "side" handle straight up just like a heavy duty core drill so I get more effective control over the drill twisting when the bit catches. With the Milwaukee I can't do this and so half the benefit is gone - can still use the handle but is it less effective than with the old design. The engineers probably wanted to make the drill shorter by an inch but this is not a good trade off in my opinion. Where I need short I will use a right angle drill which with its longer main handle works better in controlling any twisting of the drill anyway.

A couple of important caveats to consider before investing in this drill. It uses lithium-ion batteries which are known to overheat and catch fire so the engineers at Milwaukee decided to be very conservative and whenever the power draw exceeds a set level, power is cut to the motor and the LED lights go off. It is an instantaneous cutting off of the power so when using a large hole cutter there is a frequent start and stop and restart and restop while boring a hole which is not at all good. We use lithium-ion powered 18 volt drills from Hitachi, Makita, and DeWalt as well as the Milwaukee M18's and it is only with the Milwaukee drills that we have this problem at anywhere near this level. The only way to get around this is to start off at partial power and slowly add power, being careful not to run the drill at a full torque load.

The manufacturer's specs don't take this overload protection into account and you really cannot use the full power from the drill in situation where there is a high torque load at any point of the process. If Milwaukee had the circuitry designed to operate more like a slow blow fuse one might be able to get access to the full power potential of the drill.

The recharger is also designed to do a very slow charge so it takes 40 minutes on average to recharge the battery compared to 30 minutes with the Makita LXT and 15 minutes with the DeWalt DCD970 batteries. In theory this is supposed to result in longer battery life but on the job it means having a third battery charged and ready which is not something we need with the other drills. A nice touch with the Milwaukee charger is its plug which permits another plug to share the same outlet.

For really heavy duty use the DeWalt DCD970 is a much better drill for two key reasons. First is the more sane overload protection that has yet to cut power to the drill even when we have used it with a Blue Boar TCT Stucco & Wood bit to bore 6-1/4 inch holes through stucco walls and OSB sheathing.

BLUE BOAR 6-1/4" (159mm) Stucco-Brick & Wood Tungsten Carbide Tipped TCT Hole Saw with M16 Thread, requires mounting shank with M16 Thread and 10mm carbide pilot bit

The second reason we much prefer the DeWalt DCD970 is that it has a 3-speed gearbox. With a corded drill if the hole cutter is not very efficient (like a bi-metal hole saw or a self feed bit going into wood) it takes longer, sometimes a lot longer, to cut the hole but that is all that happens. With a cordless drill heat is more of a problem and when the power draw is too fast for the battery it loses a lot more of its available power and needs to be recharged after cutting fewer holes or driving fewer screws. The DeWalt DCD970 gives you 3 choices and it is more effective as it works within the "sweet spot" of its power range.

I can cut a hole faster at a slower speed with the DeWalt as it just keeps on turning than when using the M18 where the drill's power keeps going off and on repeatedly. The DeWalt is a smoother operating drill and I can cut 6" holes with a modern hole cutter like the Blue Boar TCT hole cutters and a 18 volt cordless drill, while my Milwaukee corded Hawg stud drill is maxed out with a 4 5/8 inch Milwaukee Selfeed bit. Matching the best hole cutter and the best torque range makes a big difference in how long and how many holes we can cut per battery.

We actually decided on a recent job to time how long it took to make 3 5/8 size holes in 1 1/8 inch thick Advantech subflooring and with a new Lenox bi-metal hole saw it took 45 seconds and it was smoking by the time the first hole had been made. With a Blue Boar TCT hole cutter it took 3 seconds with the DeWalt DCD970 and 5 seconds with the M18, and 4 seconds with a Makita BDF452HW drill which our light duty drill. After cutting the single hole with the Lenox hole saw it took more than half an hour to recharge the M18 battery. Now we know that getting a drill with a wide range of torque gearing and using a modern hole cutter makes all the difference in the world.

BLUE BOAR 3-5/8" (92mm) Self-Feed TCT 2-1/4" deep multipurpose Tungsten Carbide hole cutter outperforms self-feed bits & bi-metal hole saws. Cut wood, MDF, OSB, laminates, Hardie & chipboard, plaster, drywall, brick, Formica, non ferrous materials

Customer Buzz
 "Best cordless drill out there" 2009-08-22
By 24 voltsdc (Colts country)
I have owned this drill now for several months. I wanted to wait awhile before reviewing it so I could use it in many different applications, and compare it to other drills I have owned.

First thing you notice when using this drill is it's power. I owned the V28 drill prior to this one and I must say the M18 has it beat hands down! I use uni-bits or step bits often and this drill chews through metal like no other drill I have owned. Another thing I noticed was how smooth it operates and the excellent build quality. This drill should hold up to worksite abuse very well.

The drill fits nicely in the hand and is not too heavy. I would say it's heavy enough to know you are using a quality tool and light enough to use all day without straining your wrist or arm.

Battery life is very good. I like the battery gauges that let you know how much battery life is left. This is something Milwaukee invented which was a great idea.

My only complaint is the small case the drill comes with. Could use more storage for bits.

I would recommend this drill to any tradesman or homeowner alike who wants a good quality drill that should last for years.

Customer Buzz
 "Milwaukee 2611-24 18- Volt Hammer Drill Kit" 2009-06-13
By Federico Lawrence
This is an excellent product that displays a great amount of toque to get the job done.

Customer Buzz
By Romeo A. Ostorga (LAS VEGAS ,NV)
That was a great experience buying from you,I recomend this company,It's been a pleasure to deal with you guys.

Customer Buzz
 "Small issues tarnish a great drill" 2009-04-07
By Seth Mccanse (Oregon, IL)
First, I'll state that the drill itself, along with the M18 batteries, are great. If it wasn't for Milwaukee's poor service, this would be a 5 star rating.

I am a partner in a small home building company. We had previously purchased the compact M18 drill/driver (2601-22) and liked it, so decided to invest in their more powerful "flagship" hammer drill/driver as well.

The compact drill/driver came with extremely useful belt hook and bit holder accessories, so I expected them to be on their self-proclaimed "flagship" drill as well. When I discovered these parts missing I contacted Milwaukee, thinking it had been left out by accident, and they said they stopped providing them as standard accessories late last year. So, with shipping and minimum order fees, I had to spend over $20 to get $3 in parts. Very frustrating considering the high cost of this drill.

Second, the trigger switch on my drill died after 3 weeks of light use. I sent it in for warranty repair, and the current estimate is that it is going to take 3-4 weeks to get my drill back because Milwaukee for some reason is not making enough repair parts for this drill. And they would not just send me a new one. Again, extremely frustrating considering the high cost of this drill.

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Buy Milwaukee 2611-24 18-Volt Hammer Drill Kit Now

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Milwaukee 48-28-4006 12-Inch Hex Shank Extensions for Selfeed Bits, Auger Bits and Hole Saws Over 1

Buy Cheap Milwaukee 48-28-4006 12-Inch Hex Shank Extensions for Selfeed Bits, Auger Bits and Hole Saws Over 1

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For self feed auger bits and hole saws (1'' diameter and larger) with 7 16'' hex shank. 7 16'' hex shanks fit 3 jaw chucks or 7 16'' quick change chucks. Available Only at Mesquite, Woodburn. No. 48284001: 5 1 2'' No. 48284006: 12''

Technical Details

- Extension increases your drilling reach 12 inches
- For Selfeed bits, auger bits and hole saws
- Fits 3-jawed chucks (1/2-inch drill capacity and larger) and 7/16-inch quick change chucks
- Also fits 7/16 inch Quick Change chucks
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "just what i needed" 2009-08-01
By Donald A. Nicks
perfect extention ,had to drill through 14 inches of wood with 2 inch selfeed bit attached, worked great,product was shipped and recieved it in a few days

Customer Buzz
 "EXTRA Reach !" 2002-11-11
By Max Steven Spann (Slocomb, Alabama United States)
These extensions are A REAL HELP in re-wiring old houses & a big help on any construction site. When you have a NEED to reach a hard to reach location to install a needed hole - this can be the ANSWER to the issue to be a easy job. This can turn a big job into a easy-happy part of the day to enjoy. Work can be fun when you have the correct tools. Yes, work can be fun. The correct tools cut down on drag time & increase profit for the work done & bring compliants from customers. ...

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Buy Milwaukee 48-28-4006 12-Inch Hex Shank Extensions for Selfeed Bits, Auger Bits and Hole Saws Over 1 Now

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2415-20 M12 12-Volt 3/8-Inch Cordless Right Angle Drill/Driver (Tool Only, No Battery)

Buy Cheap Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2415-20 M12 12-Volt 3/8-Inch Cordless Right Angle Drill/Driver (Tool Only, No Battery)

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Features and Benefits:

  • 3/8'' Single sleeve Ratcheting Chuck - Maximum versatility and grip
  • 3 3/4'' Head Length - Great for working in tight spaces
  • Extended Paddle Switch - Provides convenience and comfort
  • Electronic Clutch - 11 Settings plus drill mode for complete control
  • Built In LED's - Illuminates work surface and indicates clutch out

With a head size of only 3.75", the M12™ Cordless 3/8" Right Angle Drill Driver delivers 100 in-lbs of torque in a compact light weight design. The first sub-compact right angle drill/driver with a spindle lock chuck, the 2415-21 is the most versatile right angle drill/driver in the industry. Built in electronics include an electronic clutch, fuel gauge, speed control and overload protection.



Technical Details

- Features 3/8¿¿ Single Sleeve Ratcheting Chuck for Maximum Versatility and Grip. The 3 ¾¿¿ Head Length is Great For Working In Tight Spaces
- An Extended Paddle Switch Allows for Controlled Use In Multiple Positions
- Electronic Clutch 11 Settings Plus Drill Mode For Complete Control Built-In LED¿s Illuminate the Work Surface and Indicates Clutch Out
- The On-Board Fuel Gauge Displays Remaining Run-Time on the M12 LITHIUM-ION Battery Pack
- Kit includes: 2415-20 Right Angle Drill/Driver - Tool Only
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Drilling in tight places?" 2010-03-15
By MashBill (KS, USA)
If so you need this right angle drill. Compact, powerful, great ergonomics, and well thought out. Just what you would expect from Milwaukee Tool. This tool just adds to the versatility of the M12 series of tools that can be run from one lithium pack.

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Buy Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2415-20 M12 12-Volt 3/8-Inch Cordless Right Angle Drill/Driver (Tool Only, No Battery) Now

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Milwaukee 3002-1 Electricians Kit 7 Amp 1/2-Inch Right Angle Drill with D-Handle

Buy Cheap Milwaukee 3002-1 Electricians Kit 7 Amp 1/2-Inch Right Angle Drill with D-Handle

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D-handle power and a right angle drive head make this drill package perfect for stud and joist drilling. Powerful 7 amp motors and three speed ranges make this a versatile tool that will handle a wide range of applications. The 3002-1 features a 0 to 600 rpm motor; this gives the two speed head 0 to 400 rpm on low and 0 to 900 rpm on high. These powerful units come in an impact resistant carrying case and include a side handle for ease of operation.

Technical Details

- Electrician's right angle drill for drilling between joist and studs, in tight corners or in close quarters
- Powerful 7 amp motor and 3 speed ranges
- Steel hardened shafts; designed for use with up to 2-9/16-inch selfeed bits
- Includes case, side handle, RAD assembly, 9/16-inch open wrench, 3/16-inch socket wrench, chuck remover bar
- Weighs 10.3 pounds; 5-year warranty
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Excellent quality tool" 2010-02-17
By Mark (usa)
I have never been disappointed with ANY Milwaukee tool I have used, but this is a Rhino of a drill that will stand up to anything you throw at it! I believe these are all in plastic cases now (not sure of that) which is a bummer, but that's the way of the world. Plastic cases are great in a way, because they dont scratch and rust and stuff, but the metal boxes actually have STORAGE SPACE... a novel idea. All the plastic seems to do is protect the tool. I want STORAGE dang it!

Either way a great drill.

Customer Buzz
 "Great drill, wrong picture" 2009-02-03
I got the drill and knocked out a wiring project in no time with it. The drill feels very solid and works very smoothly.

The one complaint I have is that the case is plastic, not the one in the picture. It's a good case, but when buying on the internet, you have to trust the pictures and descriptions. The case is an above average plastic case, so it's not a huge deal.

I only take off one star because of the inaccurate picture. The drill is five star.

Customer Buzz
 "Very Pleased" 2006-07-28
By Scott A. Secor (Clar, NJ)
Tool works as described. Very good pricing. Vendor shipped immediately, which helped me as we needed the tool right away.

Customer Buzz
 "Will pay for itself after one wiring job." 2002-03-21
By W. H. Jamison, Jr. (Burien, Washington United States)
If you are going to be doing any serious wiring around your house buy one of these drills, don't argue with me, don't cavil and whine that's it's too expensive, just buy the drill. Now Drilling between joists, or up into wall cavities, tasks which are a complete pain in the neck with a standard drill are almost effortless with the 3002. I had to run a bundle of wires through 12 floor joists, with this drill it took me about 15 minutes to drill all of the holes I needed and run the wires. Like every other Milwaukee product the drill is very well built and durable and if taken care of will last forever.

Customer Buzz
 "Milwaukee Builds'em Right" 2000-06-27
I use this drill at work on a daily bases and it has never let me down. The extra long handle is great when your dilling overhead. This model has a higher rpm than the standard right angle dill kit. The higher rpm's make drilling wood a lot easier. I only wish Milwaukee would have put the Quik-Lok cord on this model. No tool is perfect but this one comes close.

Images Product

Buy Milwaukee 3002-1 Electricians Kit 7 Amp 1/2-Inch Right Angle Drill with D-Handle Now

Milwaukee 48-28-1020 12" x 1/4" All Hex Extension

Buy Cheap Milwaukee 48-28-1020 12" x 1/4" All Hex Extension

Buy Low Price From Here Now

Milwaukee 48-28-1020 12" x 1/4" All Hex Extension is an Innovative, tool-less, All-hex extension that accepts 1/4 insert bits, power-groove bits and double ended bits.

Technical Details

- Innovative, tool-less, All-hex extensions accepts 1/4 insert bits, power-groove bits and double ended bits
- Fast, easy accessory changes
- Ideal for use with cordless drills
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "nice to own" 2008-08-16
By Zoel Michaud (nb canada)
it is nice to have one of those in tool box its a nice extension,

works great if you need a 12" extension this is the one to own,

but if you do not need that long i like the 6" inch better.

easier to balance in the chuck.

Images Product

Buy Milwaukee 48-28-1020 12" x 1/4" All Hex Extension Now

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Milwaukee 48-89-0045 13-Piece 1/16-Inch to 1/4-Inch Cobalt Twist Drill Bit Assortment in Metal Index

Buy Cheap Milwaukee 48-89-0045 13-Piece 1/16-Inch to 1/4-Inch Cobalt Twist Drill Bit Assortment in Metal Index

Buy Low Price From Here Now

Milwaukee's 13 piece Cobalt Jobbers Length Twist Drill Bit Set. Includes drill bits from 1/16 inch through 1/4 inch by 64ths.FEATURES: 13 piece set, Jobbers length. Cobalt, drills easily through tough alloys. Abrasive and heat resistant. Heavy-duty 135 degree split point for easy starting on hard materials

Technical Details

- Manufactured from heat-resistant cobalt to last longer
- Capable of drilling heat-treated materials, stainless steel, and titanium
- 135-degree split point designed for faster penetration
- The bits range in size from 1/16 to 1/4 inches
- Includes attractive metal carrying case
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Super nice little set" 2010-03-15
By Richard G. (Santa Rosa CA)
I'm a handyman and needed a good basic set for my job. These bits are terrific and go through anything. The case opens up and keeps them all nicely in order, just like in the picture. Highly recommended. Milwaukee still makes good stuff.

Customer Buzz
 "Great value for the money" 2009-12-05
By John Easley (Wisconsin)
Its nice to buy a quality drill bit set that is made in the US. They work great and it was a great price too.

Customer Buzz
 "great" 2009-10-23
By Jon (Maryland)
great price, and great bits.

sometimes the case is a little hard to open, but great value over all.

Customer Buzz
 "Good quality drill bits" 2009-01-24
By Andrea F (NJ United States)
got these bits as part of a promotion that Amazon was running called 4 for 3 where I ordered 4 sets of bits and the cheapest set was free (this set of drill bits retails for $26.47 on Amazon w/free shipping)

Milwaukee makes great drills, so it stands to reason that their line of drill bits would be top notch products.

These bits are a good choice for drilling hardend materials such as thick gauge steel plate. They are

Manufactured from heat-resistant cobalt to last longer, are

Capable of drilling heat-treated materials, stainless steel, and titanium and feature a 135-degree split point designed for faster penetration.

This bit set Includes drill bits from 1/16 inch through 1/4 inch by 64ths and your purchase Includes an attractive metal carrying case.

I've learned the hard way that HSS and Titanium Nitride bits don't hold their sharpness well when pushed hard. Cobalt bits like the Milwaukee set are the only way to go if sharpness over time is important to you. The Milwaukee set has the commonly used sizes (fractional sizes) and will work well for years, regardless of their use. You can use these bits for drilling wood and plastic, as well as metal.

I trusted Milwaukee because of their reputation for fine tools and am not disappointed. You usually cannot find these in a home center-You might have to go online.

I recomend them to anyone looking for a good set of bits for drilling in metal and other materials.

Customer Buzz
 "These are for putting holes in metal." 2009-01-16
By Erik H. Reppen (Chicago)
They're good at that. They CAN be used on wood, but they were never intended to be do-everything bits that you would use to put holes in a wall to put shelves up or just use and abuse like they were standard HSS bits. These are not "the better bits." They are cobalt bits.

Awesome case.

Images Product

Buy Milwaukee 48-89-0045 13-Piece 1/16-Inch to 1/4-Inch Cobalt Twist Drill Bit Assortment in Metal Index Now

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Milwaukee 49-22-0130 Contractor's Kit 7 Bit 1-Inch to 2 9/16-Inch Selfeed Drill Bit Assortment with 5 1/2-Inch Extension and Plastic Carrying Case

Buy Cheap Milwaukee 49-22-0130 Contractor's Kit 7 Bit 1-Inch to 2 9/16-Inch Selfeed Drill Bit Assortment with 5 1/2-Inch Extension and Plastic Carrying Case

Buy Low Price From Here Now

This is a complete assortment of the most commonly used Milwaukee Selfeed Bits for hole drilling. The kit includes 1-inch, 1 1/8-inch, 1 1/4-inch, 1 1/2-inch, 1 3/4-inch, 2 1/8-inch, and 2 9/16-inch diameters and a 5 1/2-inch extension coupling in an impact resistant carrying case.

Technical Details

- Cuts faster
- Improved balance with reduced runout
- All ball and roller bearings
- Triple reduction gearing handles up to 4-5/8-inch self feed bits
- Soft-shift stop rotation
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
 "Milwaukee 49-22-0130 Contractor's Kit 7 Bit 1-Inch to 2 9/16-Inch Selfeed Drill Bit Assortment with 5 1/2-Inch Extension and Pla" 2010-03-28
By S. AZIMOV (Los Angeles, CA US)
This set is really usefull considering it comes in carrying case. Neat and organised, good quality, durable, comes with extra replacement, and I think you can sharpenn it as well. It is not made in USA, it's really hard find any tools that were made here. But I love it It is still Milwaukee no matter how you look at it.

By the way it is cheaper to buy it in this set, usually you will be paying around 25-35 dollars per bit, so you do the math. I give it 10 stars and contractors quality...

Customer Buzz
 "Old design best with big corded drills" 2010-03-14
By Bryan Sanders (Chicago)
I have used the Milwaukee self feed drill bits for years and dealt with nail damage and the need to use a large and heavy corded stud drill. It is a very old-fashioned design that is an improvement over a hand auger or a hole saw but otherwise slow and not terribly efficient. As self feed bits go the Milwaukee are as good as most and the cases are the best at protecting the edges of the cutters - at least until you hit a nail.

I was trying out our different cordless drills and found that it took nearly as long and very nearly as much battery draw with the self feed bit as a bi-metal hole saw. No plug to get out but then there are all the shavings that someone has to deal with. I found that my big gullet hole cutters with an extension would make a hole 6 times as fast and that I did not need my corded stud drill most of the time. Even with a triple top plate I could cut out each piece of wood with the TCT hole cutter and drop out the plug and then do it 2 more times and my total cutting time was 1/3 of that with either an auger or a self feed bit. Best part was that I could use a 18 volt cordless drill and make 50 holes with one battery.

BLUE BOAR TUH14 - 14 Piece Super Duty Tungsten Carbide Hole Saw kit 2-3/8" Cut Depth. Cut 10x as fast and use 1/40th battery charge. Cordless Drills can cut holes 3x as large as with bi-metal hole saws. Deep side gullets for fast plug removal

The self feed are fine for wood but struggle with tougher materials and I would never use them on hard decking like Ipe or Hardie siding or backer board or many other places where the tungsten carbide hole cutters work great.

For light duty jobs the new Bosch spade bits work great on a cordless drill where a perfectly straight hole is not required. When I do need a straight hole I grab the Blue Boar TCT hole cutters and the Hole Pro shield with their arbor adapter for hole saws and make a perfectly straight cut every time.

XL-Arbor Kit uses ABS shield & adjustment knob from Hole Pro X and CL model hole cutter kits. Arbor adapts shield to work with both 1/2"-20 & 5/8"-11 threaded hole saws up to 2-1/4" deep to control dust, provide straight cuts & control cutting depth.

With corded drills you can get away with using almost anything as a hole cutter but with cordless drills in general and in particular with the new lithium-ion drills a modern hole cutter makes a big difference in performance.

Customer Buzz
 "Pretty Good" 2008-04-18
By Rhyan A. Greenleaf (Kauai, Hi USA)
Overall this is a great product. They drill really fast and do the job right. I will agree though at times when your drilling through a stud that towards the end, when the spur is past the end and already sticking out of the other side, you do have to put alot of pressure on the bit in order to finish drilling the hole. Compared to what these bits do for me, this minor setback really doesn't bother me at all. These bits will not cut through nails so what I like to do is carry an extra set of bi-metal hole saws to cut out the nail then go back to using these bits because they're alot faster than hole saws.

Customer Buzz
 "Deceptive Lack of Marking of Country of Origin" 2008-03-25
By James Bond (Newport Beach, CA)
These bits are made in China yet there is absolutely no indication anywhere on the bit itself or the packaging of country of origin. I have seen individually packaged bits at Home Depot and some of them are made in USA and some of them are made in China. The USA ones have USA on the packaging and engraved on the bit. The Chinese ones have "made in China" in tiny print on the packaging and no marking whatsoever on the bit itself. The marking on the bit itself where it says the size is laser etched and NOT engraved like the USA ones. So, I know after this examination how to tell which of these bits are which. I do not buy Chinese made tools and certainly not expensive drill bits like these. The Chinese may make some things OK but in my experience tools are not one of those things. Buy Chinese metal and it will break on you and it is simply not safe to use. Real pros know what I am saying is true.

I called Milwaukee on the phone to inquire as to why there was no country of origin on this set and they flat out lied to me and told me that the bits are made in the USA. I told this person that I have never seen a US made tool in my life that did not bear "made in USA" markings and that these bits have no such markings. I also told her that her information cannot be correct as I have seen "made in China" on individual bits in Home Depot. These bits are simply too expensive to be made in China.

Look elsewhere.

Customer Buzz
 "Like Butta" 2008-01-25
By Carl Twain (TN)
These things tear through wood like there is no tomorrow. Yes, everything the other poster said is true. You do have to put some pressure to make that last little cut through the stud, and they can clog themselves going through multiple plates. But man do these things work. They literally pull themselves through 90% of the board. Not that you want to, but you can also cut through nails with these bits. After having used them to rough in various wires and pipes on my house, I couldn't imagine not having them for future rough-in work. They work superbly. You do need a drill with a 1/2" chuck if you are not using a Hole-Dawg.

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Buy Milwaukee 49-22-0130 Contractor's Kit 7 Bit 1-Inch to 2 9/16-Inch Selfeed Drill Bit Assortment with 5 1/2-Inch Extension and Plastic Carrying Case Now

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